Life’s been good, I mean, at least no more tears and heartbreaks. Being single again is wonderful, who cares if I am a single mom. I live a happy life with my son now.

Things are slowly getting in place. Though I still haven’t found my permanent job, IĀ got a two weeks backfilling position at Cooper Vision and tomorrow will be my last day. I have pretty good experience there, and even it’s only two weeks, I am gonna miss it there, the people, and the workplace.

Job hunting is a pain, but this backfilling job is like giving me a little boost to be more positive. Two weeks is better than nothing, and it really made up my day when the manager told me she was gonna take me in after the interview. Thanks my sister for doing all this for me, the heart of helping and asking around if there’s any Accounts job for me, and then led me to this position. Thank you Lord for having all the good people around me. Belinda rang and asked me to send my resume to one of her friends where her company is hiring, Li texted and said her company might have a position available soon if the accounts lady left for another job and she will keep me posted the second they advertised the job. I know there is no guarantee, but one sure thing is they are the true sister and true friends. I thank you them for staying and lending me the helping hand when I am at my hardest time.

Life is unfair, I never thought it is. But God is fair. All that I have been through, I know it was easy and people especially my mom thinks I don’t deserve all these. The last two years were my nightmares, but at least I am so much happier now despite I am jobless and financially unstable. It made me stronger and tougher despite I still get upset at times feeling sorry to my son. All I could give is my unconditional love and I will raise him up as the happiest kid with the kindest heart – I hope. So God is fair, He makes me a stronger person today, so I have the courage and confident to move on my life now to give the best to my kid.

Speaking of my son, he starts to understand what we say now and learn to speak in a single word. He would pat on me when I was checking on the phone or sometimes even took my phone away. He just wants the attention! Lol. He would say no to the thing/food/and even people he doesn’t like, sometimes he would hand over the food to me after he tried it and tell me ‘NO NO’ shaking his head. He throws his tantrums when he’s tired and sleepy, yelling wailing sometimes even crying rolling on the floor. He is just cute whatever he does, lol.

It’s been raining for the whole day, my heart is feeling pretty free today. At one stage I couldn’t handle rainy days, because it made me felt all upset and depressed and made my heart sore so badly. I am feeling fine tonight, I think I am over it.

Lord, please lead me the way. I need your strength, I need the courage to move on. Be the light on my path and guide me through it. Amen!